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This is a Cyclops Daruma. It is based on the Japanese wish dolls called daruma. Traditionally, they’re made with a place to fill in two eyes; one for when you make a wish and the other for when the wish comes true. The Cyclops Daruma has only one eye because I found in my life that when I have a wish, flesh out all the details, start telling people, putting it out there, and putting energy into making it happen, I always get it. So, I feel like I only need one eye. Instead of filling in the eye and merely hoping for something, when you fill in the eye of the Cyclops Daruma, you know your wish is on the way.

The hardest part is figuring out what you want.






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My first Cyclops Panda Daruma painting

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Afrirampo day off in Nakamura.


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Osaka Playground

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